Air outlet: professional business and operations, and Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen Airport, the major airlines Cathay Pacific Airways, Hong Kong Airlines, Singapore Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Air China, Lufthansa, British Virgin Airways, Thai Airways and more than 30 aviation the company signed a cooperation agreement, it could also fight for the lowest tariffs for customers in the season to ensure that the customer's position, reduce customers' transportation costs. 

Air export service process: 
To provide customers with the warehouse: according to customer needs, determine the flight times and positions 
Home delivery: send the vehicle to the designated warehouse the goods 
Storage: Provides warehouse cargo storage arrangements 
Export customs declaration, inspection: to provide customs declaration, inspection services 
Purchasing insurance: purchasing insurance for cargo 
Follow up cargo: cargo delivery from warehouse, weighing, on the machine, the destination airport follow up timely feedback to customers 
Foreign customs clearance: to provide customers with the goods in foreign airports clearance services 
Delivery to the door: clear the goods after customs clearance finished according to customer requirements to the designated warehouse, can provide DDU, DDP service! 
And can provide long, overweight, large pieces of cargo and other air services!

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