Our company signed an agreement with a number of warehouses, with 1,000 square meters of storage capacity. Available for different types of goods for long-term storage. And a small library with a forklift hoisting equipment, professional handling, sorting; fire safety equipment. Distribution Center has all kinds of 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, 10 tons delivery van dedicated vehicles. In the warehouse as a base, according to customer order requirements, the strongholds goods, sorting, picking. Warehouse employees have a two-way credentials, good quality, experienced, import and export goods to the land, sea, air can be quickly and accurately implement the declaration in Shanghai port terminals, inspection. Small warehouse services we have provided secure and flexible, so you can store your favorite items at ease, while improving the quality of urban life. In addition, many companies opt for private storage to reduce the company's leasing costs. Whether it is archived samples tax bill or common stock, companies will choose convenience and safety programs of private storage provided for the office to create more space. 

1, home delivery, finishing materials, professional packaging, long-distance transport and other train services; 
2, there is no storage time limit, no size limit leasing warehouse; 
3,24 hour CCTV monitoring the reservoir area, completely eliminate your concerns, any items in our store are there any issues in accordance with the value of the goods immediately full compensation;

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